aaron maxwell

NEW: I've written a book titled Powerful Python. You might like it because you code in Python, and want to be more effective and have more fun. I also write in its blog.


My latest book is Powerful Python. I've also written two short math books on doing mental algebra and mental calculus.

Current Essays

Writings which are timeless, evergreen, or otherwise not (yet) out of date. I've loosely grouped them as "more technical" (basically, containing source code or math equations) and "less technical" (everything else).

More Technical

Less Technical

Contributed Articles

I've written articles for O'Reilly Media, Mashable, as well as my old startup's mobile marketing blog.

Older Essays

These are essays which were pertinent at one point of time, but may now be outdated, old news, or even obsolete. Perhaps some still contain something of value to someone, maybe even you.


Many great books have been published without an index. If the book is important enough, and having an index would be useful enough, I sometimes make my own.