aaron maxwell

Does it take money to make money?

Let's talk about a phrase you have heard before:

"It takes money to make money."

Like many aphorisms, it must be handled with great care. It can be amazing that the words you listen to can affect what you believe, and thus how you act.

"It takes money to make money." One could use this idea to keep themselves poor, reasoning that they can never afford to become wealthier than they are now.

I would prefer that this not happen to you. So let me suggest a different wording that may be more profitable.

"It takes SOME money to make MORE money."

And very importantly,

"You can create SOME money out of nothing."

Is this dual aphorism true? Just as true as the original, perhaps more.

If you have money, can you utilize it to create even more? Yes, absolutely. Can you create money out of thin air? Yes, there are many ways. One way is to sell your time and labor to those who will pay for it. There are other ways.

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